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The OSHAS management system aids McManus Brothers in managing its activities, products and services in such a manner to minimize and eliminate adverse impacts on the occupational, health and safety of the employees. More explicitly the OSHAS management system is an integral part of the organisational structure, responsibilities, practices and procedures, along with processes and resources which are necessary for McManus Brothers to develop, implement, review and monitor the companies OSHAS policies and performance.

While most companies are required to comply with a growing number of OSHAS regulations, McManus Brothers aim is not to just comply with these regulations but to be a market leader in this industry through thorough implementation and monitoring of all its operations through:

  • Improved communication.
  • Improved regulatory compliance.
  • Improved internal management.
  • Confidence with stakeholders.
  • Improved profitability.
  • Improved employee confidence.
  • Market credibility/image.
  • Improved training and practices.
  • Improved procedures
  • Improved Emergency preparedness.

Credibility comes with operating, monitoring and maintaining a third party, independently awarded accreditation that is open to external auditing. It is now imperative to carry these achievement/accreditations it carries with it the convictions of the company reaching its aims and objectives and also impacts on the consumer favourably.